Welcome to Her Mountain Adventures!

HMA is the place for the adventurer who loves to experience the joy of our local mountains, but on a leisurely, not-so-extreme, hike or snowshoe excursion. 

Created as a resource for the recreational hiker and snowshoer, HMA seeks to enlighten and equip individuals who are looking for simple and complete details for easy to moderate day trips in the local Rocky Mountains.

If you love snowshoeing and hiking, but aren't into the 8+ hour extreme backpacking extravaganza's and would rather a light to moderate, few hour excursion with your friends and family of all fitness levels, you'll feel right at home here!

HMA will provide you with the simple basics you need to know about each trail: how to get there, how long you can expect to be out and about, how strenuous it will be, if there are washroom facilities at the trail head, and other tidbits that hopefully you'll find interesting enough to stick around!

I am new into this hiking scene myself only having really gotten started in early 2015.
But I love it and I want to be able to share what I am learning with others out there who might be looking for the same resources I was. After realizing that hiking is more of a part of my life than originally expected I decided to launch HMA as it's own entity. So I'm still learning too, but I enjoy sharing what I'm learning as I discover new things and hope that you'll come on this journey with me!

The Beginnings

I'll admit I am not an 'outdoorsy' girl. I am a city girl through and through, but I do enjoy being in nature, in moderation :) My love for snowshoeing started in grade 5 when our teacher took us on all sorts of field trip adventures, we got to go scuba diving, rock climbing, snorkeling, cross country skiing, and of course snowshoeing. I didn't go again for many years, but I never forgot how much fun it was.

In the last few years I went a handful times with friends and we rented shoes and headed out to the snowy peaks of Kananaskis. So much fun! So in the fall of 2014 when Costco started selling it's winter gear I picked up my own pair and never looked back. We had a beautiful, mild winter and so I was able to get out several times with friends. The snow did seem to melt early however and with that snowshoeing season was over.

I was just getting into the groove of going to the mountains on a fairly regular basis and wasn't ready to quit so I decided I must try hiking. I have friends and family that enjoy it so I figured I'd get over my aversion to all things nature haha and try it out. And what do ya know, I love it too!

So here we are!

A few other tidbits about Her

Hey! Let me officially introduce myself: I'm Michelle!
Mountainous adventures aside, my other passions include knitting (check out Kozy Knittens here), Netflix, chocolate, reading, singing in choir, spending time with my family and friends, my doggy Linus, and most important, my faith. I also apparently like blogging. I work a regular day job as an office administrator, which I enjoy. I'd like to think I'm not addicted to social media, but I probably am. My latest life focus is something my Grandpa used to say: "One day at a time". :)

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