Hiking Safety

Hiking safety tips from Alberta Parks.

Before You Hike

-Plan Ahead!
      -Research your route and check the weather forecast.  Ensure you have adequate information to assist with route-finding such as maps, guidebooks or a GPS file of the route.
        -Make a trip plan and let a friend or family member know where you are going and when you plan to return. Canada’s AdventureSmart website includes excellent trip planning resources.
          -Ensure that you are carrying a safety communication device such as an emergency personal locator device or a cellular phone.  However, note that cellular service is limited in many areas including the mountains.
            -Pack appropriate equipment for your outing. Items to consider include: proper footwear, extra layers of clothing including a hat or toque, protection from the sun, wind and insects, a flashlight or headlamp, adequate food and water, and an emergency shelter.
              -Carry bear spray year round and know how to use it! Watch this how-to video.

              While You Hike

              -Stay on established trails and avoid trail braiding. [Don't create your own trail]
                  -Share the trail with other users. During breaks, step off the trail so others can pass.
                    -Do NOT pick or collect wildflowers or other vegetation including deadfall. Picking or collecting rocks, fossils and artifacts is NOT permitted.  Take a photograph instead!
                      -Do not litter.  This includes cigarette butts, seed shells and tissue.

                        -Occasional shouting will warn wildlife that you are in the area.
                        This is especially important near noisy creeks and in dense forest.

                          -Shouts are more effective than a bell, whistle or horn.
                            -If you decide to take your dog into the backcountry
                                   -Your dog must be kept on a leash at all times.
                                     -Your dog's waste must be packed out or buried.
                                       -Wildlife regard your pet as either prey or predator.