Snowshoe Hare Loop

Snowshoe Hare Loop

Into the woods we go! Snowshoe this hilly loop through our local Narnia :)

Difficulty: light
Round trip: 5.4km loop
Hiking Time: 2-3 hrs
Elevation Gain: 173m
Garmin Vivo Fit: approx 8,700 steps 
Location: West Bragg Creek


Marked: Yes
Facilities: Yes
How to get there: Driving SW on 22/Cowboy Trail when you are approaching Bragg Creek look for the signs to West Bragg and turn right onto Balsam Ave. At the T intersection turn left onto Centre Ave. Drive for approx 10km and the West Bragg Creek Day Area will be on your right. The trail is a loop so you can begin from either end of the parking lot, just follow the signs.

 Click to link to Google Maps
Click to link to Google Maps
Map of Snowshoe Hare Loop


As far as route finding goes Snowshoe Hare Loop is as easy as it gets. This is typically a fairly popular trail so it will be well trodden. And the neon orange snowshoe signs direct each turn, from both directions. When there are junctions between ski and snowshoe trails you will find maps to help your way.
Overall there is not too much else to say about this one. You'll find it's a nice, hilly, hike through the wooded forest. There is a good balance of flat terrain and small hills to keep it interesting and to allow you to say it was a good workout without breaking too much of a sweat! If you start at the east trailhead and go counter-clockwise you will get most of the elevation gain out of the way in the first half of the trail, but either way when you go up you must come down and vice versa so don't worry that one way might be easier than the other. :)


-Only on the drive to the trail do you get a mountain view so if your chosen day turns out to be particularly dreary this should be your choice hike and save the one with better views for a clear day!
-If there is not enough snow you will find the path to be rocky and rooty which is not good for your snowshoes so wait for a good snowfall to do this one. Else you can just walk it in your boots (not as much fun).
-If you have poles use them to help you up and down the steeper sections.
-This trail is closed from April 1st-Nov 30th.
Snowshoe Hare Loop
Snowshoe Hare Loop

Happy Snowshoeing!

Snowshoe Hare Loop
The ice on the tree branches was really pretty!
Snowshoe Hare Loop