Upper Kananaskis Lake I - Snowshoe

A fun trip for the person or group that has an adventurous side, your options are almost endless! You can even venture onto the frozen ice at the right time if you dare to do so.

Difficulty: easy
Round trip: 3.9km 
Hiking Time: 1hr -1.5hrs
Elevation Gain: 45 m 
FitBit: approx 5,750 steps and 15 flights of stairs
LocationPeter Lougheed Provincial Park
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Marked: No
Facilities: Yes
How to get there: From Calgary drive west on HWY 1 towards Canmore. Take exit 118 toward Kananaskis Country and turn left onto Kananaskis Trail/AB-40 S. Drive about 50km to where the road is closed and turn right onto Kananaskis Lakes Trail. Continue approximately 12.6 km and turn left when you see the sign for the Upper Lakes. Drive about 500m and turn right, there are multiple parking lots, so keep right and at the T turning into the north parking lot.

Ultimately there are numerous ways you can venture on or around Upper Kananaskis Lake. The directions following are just one option.

There is no official trail or snowshoe markings for this one. When you leave the parking lot at the north end you will see the rock lined and elevated path at the end of the lake ahead. Follow it around and you'll come to a path through the trees around the eastern perimeter of the lake. We snowshoed on fresh snow so there were no footprints to guide our way, but the path was still clear enough for a ways.

Snowshoe to your hearts content, the time and km listed above are for the distance that we went. We came to a point where the path came out of the trees and became quite undefined under all the fresh snow, in addition there were also large animal tracks and scat, likely from a cougar, so we opted to turn around at that point.

-Always be cautions of the ice conditions if you venture out onto the lake at this time of year. Just because others are out there doesn't mean it's safe. Stopping by the local Peter Lougheed Visitor's Center to ask would be a good start.
Linus' 1st snowshoeing adventure!
Happy Snowshoeing!