Raspberry Ridge - Hike

Traverse through a variety of mountainous terrain and climb to a destination with views that do not disappoint and are well worth your effort!

Difficultymoderate - strenuous
Round trip: 9 km
Hiking Time: 4 - 5 hours
Elevation Gain: 653 m
FitBit: approx 18,000 steps and 215 flights of stairs
Location: Kananaskis

Marked: No
Facilities: No
How to get there: From Calgary you have several options, the simplest (but long way) being Hwy 1 to Hwy 40.
The most ideal way is to drive to Longview and get on to Hwy 541 following the signs to Kananaskis. Drive 43.2km to Hwy 940.
From either of those options, at the T-intersection where highways 40/940/541 intersect turn south onto Hwy 940 and drive 11.4km. Turn into the pulloff area on the west side of the road, park before the gate. (If you come to a rest stop on the west side about 12km up you'll know you've gone about 1km too far.)
If you opt to go in the winter months drive south out of Calgary and make your way to Hwy 532. Drive 48.5km to the pullout on the west side of the road.

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Start your hike by passing the gate and heading down the road, but not far, only about 40m. You'll see the road continue to the left, but an overgrown path veers up and slightly to the right, take the latter. The path becomes more defined as you continue and you hike at a relatively easy incline through the trees.

Early on there will be a break in the treeline and you will be able to see your destination to the left up on the ridge. You'll know it by the teeny tiny distant fire lookout station on the very right (north) side of the ridge. You have to decide if it's more daunting or exciting to see how far and how high you'll have to climb, but know that when you return to that same spot and are able see how far you've hiked, nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment!

A little ways into the hike you'll cross a stream gully and begin a more steep ascent. (You'll also go through some tall grass here so make sure if it's tick season you check yourself after!) When you reach a small cairned (man made pile of stones) fork in the path, go right. If you go left you will still get to the ridge, but that way adds several km to your journey and is not outlined here. It is after this junction that you will gain the majority of elevation on this hike. In addition to the incline however, the view behind you also becomes more magnificent with every step, so it is worth it!

As you climb it's not very clear where you will crest the ridge, but once you get close it comes up quickly. The views that await are unknown, but be prepared to be amazed! Once you come over the top the path continues north along the ridge and you head towards the fire lookout station. Head back once you have enjoyed the 360 degree views to the fullest!

-This hike has little to no shade along the way or at the top so do not attempt on a hot day or else you will bake!
-Poles would be beneficial to help your knees out on the decent.
-In the summer the area surrounding the look out station will be cordoned off to keep visitors at bay and maintain some privacy.
-Hwy 940 is closed Dec-May so you will have to take Hwy 532 if you opt to hike during those months.

Happy Hiking!