West Wind Pass - Hike

An engaging trail where steeper sections are balanced by level areas and mini dips in elevation. A beautiful view expands behind as you climb as your trail takes you to the ultimate view worth working for.

DifficultyLight - moderate
Round trip: 4.5 km
Hiking Time: 2 - 3 hours
Elevation Gain: 378 m
FitBit: approx 10,750 steps and 155 flights of stairs

Marked: Sort of
Facilities: No
How to get there: From Calgary drive west on HWY 1 to Canmore. Get onto the Smith-Dorrien (HWY 742) on which you will pass the Canmore Nordic Centre. At that point you can reset your odometer to 0 and at approximately 18.5 km from there park in the pullout on the right side (w) side of the road.

Cross the road to find your trail on the east side of the highway. Almost immediately come to a fork and go left. Initially you are on the Trans Canada Trail and will quickly arrive at a second fork. A hand written sign will direct you to keep right and ascend the steeper looking path.

Hiking generally NE towards the pass you will find lovely views open up behind you quite quickly. In a few places the trail will appear to fork again, (sometimes downward to the right). It would appear that all these trails eventually meet up at different places. Stick to the path most trodden and you should reach your destination with no issues.

Nearing the pass you will see a visible trail climbing the mountain to your right, ignore it as that climbs up to summit Windtower (details not provided here). Continue until you crest the pass and find some reprieve from the wind by descending to the grassy plateau just a little ways further. Then sit and enjoy your well earned view!

-April 1 to June 15 the trail will be closed for bighorn sheep lambing. 
-This trail has a few little sections where you dip down slightly, not significantly each individual time, but enough overall to add turn 378 m of elevation gain into a cumulative amount of about 470 m.
Kid Friendly: yes
Dog Friendly: yes

Happy Hiking!