Windy Peak Hills - Hike

A great shoulder season trek with plenty of scenic variety on the peaks and views of the prairies (Calgary on a clear day) and the mountains.

Difficulty: Strenuous
Round trip: 11.5 km
Hiking Time: 5-6 hrs
Elevation Gain: 744 m
FitBit: approx 17,000 steps total and 244 flights of stairs

Marked: No.
Facilities: No.
How to get there: From Calgary drive south on Hwy 2. You have multiple options to go through different small towns such as Black Diamond, Longview, or High River, just choose the way you feel best, and make your way south on Hwy 22 to Hwy 532. Turn right (W) and drive approx 21.5 km to where you'll see a small pond. Cross the Texas gate and park in the pullout just after it on your left.

Find your trail on the north side of the Texas gate on the same side of the road that you parked, climbing up the hill to the east. Your path is pretty well trodden the majority of the way and you'll hike up and down five hilly peaks. If the trail ever fades, keep trekking in the direction of the farthest peak and you'll surely find it again. When you see another trail intersects yours, going north and south (as in the photo below) do not follow this one, but continue upwards and east.

The details for this hike end right before Windy Peak, but with it in sight, just covered in snow. Surmount the last rocky hill and enjoy a well earned rest before heading back the way you came.
Looking at Windy Peak (you can see the trail continue, but this is where we stopped).

Enjoy the variety of scenery all around you on this hike and even on each individual hill. Plus if you look far to the North on a clear day you may see Calgary.

-There is no shelter from the sun or wind so be prepared with sunscreen and layers if called for. 
-Poles would be handy on this one.  
-The details here are technically to the hill just before Windy Peak. As there was too much snow on Windy Peak we didn't make it that far nor to the decent which would make the trail a loop versus there and back again. That will make a difference for elevation gain and distance/hiking time. For details to the loop click here.

Kid Friendly: yes *at your discretion of how far they can go. But sometimes kids have more stamina than us adults :) 
Dog Friendly: yes

Happy Hiking!