Mt. Indefatigable - Hike

No longer an official trail, which is almost un'bear'able because the views here are breathtaking!

*Note: This trail has been decommissioned and is not an official trail*

Round trip: 9.24 km
Hiking Time: 3.5 - 4.5 hours 
Elevation Gain: 692 m
FitBit: approx. 13,800 steps and 227 flights of stairs
Location: Peter Lougheed Provincial Park
*The details above are not to the summit, but rather to the viewpoint just before the scramble portion begins.

Marked: No
Facilities: Yes

The start of this trail is to the north from the parking lot. Cross over the dam between the two lakes and the trail starts shortly after in the trees to your right. You'll know you've hit the trail head when you come to a large sign warning about Grizzly habitat. So from there you are hiking at your own risk (but remember if something happens to you, you not only put yourself at risk, but the others that have to assist you, so always keep that in mind).

The trail is easily distinguishable because though it has been decommissioned, it is well traversed. And for good reason. The views here are amazing. You really don't have to hike the full trail to come to views worth your time, but the higher you go, the better they get.

Kid Friendly: no
Dog Friendly: yes

-Proper hiking footwear is a must on this trail and poles would be extremely beneficial as well. 
-Check at the visitor center about bear sightings before heading out. You will be in their territory, not the other way around, so respect them and their home. 

Happy Hiking!

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