Beaver Flat Trail - Snowshoe

Beaver Flat Trail
A super easy trail with great scenery that is not far from the city and close to Elbow Falls.

Difficulty: easy
Round trip: 3 km
Hiking Time: 45 min - 1.5 hrs
Elevation Gain: 30 m
FitBit: approx 4,100 steps and 6 flights of stairs
LocationElbow Valley, Bragg Creek
Click map to link to Google Maps directions from Calgary
Marked: No
Facilities: Yes, in the parking lot for Elbow Falls
How to get there: From Calgary drive SW on Cowboy Trail (HWY 22). Once you reach Bragg Creek's four-way stop, continue south on HWY 22 for a little ways. At the end at a T-intersection turn right onto HWY 66. You'll drive west for about 18.4 km until you come to the barricade in the road because the highway is closed December through May. Park on the side of the road.

Make your way around the locked gate and hike west a short ways (400m) to where you will see a sign that says "Beaver Lodge" on the left hand side. Head into the trees and follow the path down into the valley. When you see a sign on your left that says the trail is closed that is for a different one so ignore it and continue straight ahead.

Soon you'll come to the water and will see the beaver ponds which may or may not be frozen over and covered in snow. The scenery is beautiful even on an overcast day.

It doesn't take long before you come out at an intersection and you have made it to the end of the interpretive trail. The easiest option is to return the way you came, however you also have the option to turn right and hike around the campground, to the highway and follow it east back to your vehicle.
The sign for Beaver Lodge points into the trees.

-You need a good dump of snow to make this one worthwhile in snowshoes, otherwise good winter boots would be all you need.
-This is a short trail, if you have more energy in you tag on another quick trip near by like Paddy's Flat Trail!

Happy Snowshoeing!