Elkwood Loop - Snowshoe

Elkwood Loop

A family friendly snowshoe trail through the Elkwood Campground to Marl Lake. A peaceful non-strenuous trek through the woods with lovely mountain views across the lake.

Round trip: 3.4 km
Hiking Time: 45 min - 1.5 hrs
Elevation Gain: 23 m
FitBit: approx 4,800 steps and 7 flights of stairs
Location: Peter Lougheed Provincial Park
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Marked: Yes
Facilities: Yes
How to get there: From Calgary drive west on HWY 1 towards Canmore. Take exit 118 toward Kananaskis Country and turn left onto Kananaskis Trail/AB-40 S. Drive about 50km to where the road is closed and turn right onto Kananaskis Lakes Trail. Continue approximately 5.7km and turn left when you see the sign for the Elkwood Amphitheater. Pull into the parking lot, you will find orange guide signs for the trail just past the outhouse. 

Begin your hike by following the orange snowshoe signs through the campground, when you get to a three-way junction turn left towards the next orange sign in the distance and make your way into the forest. You'll eventually end up on the Marl Lake Interpretive Trail on which you can continue to follow enjoying pleasant mountain scenery along the way. At Marl Lake you will get lovely views of Mount Indefatigable. 

Follow the orange signs around to the northwest end of the lake where you be directed to turn right back into the woods. There is a steep, but very short hill where you will then emerge back in the campground. Follow the signs back to the initial junction and turn right to go back to the parking lot.

-This is a short trail so if you desire more then you have other options right close by like Marsh Loop and Lower Lake Trail. Simply keep straight at the 3-way junction, cross the road (you may want to do this on foot vs in snowshoes), and make your way to William Watson Lodge.

Happy Snowshoeing!