Three Sisters Pass - Hike

This hike could be classified as a 'choose your own adventure'. A very rocky terrain requires that you make your way up in a way that suits you, rarely sticking to a designated path. Requiring sure footing and confidence this one is not a stroll in the park.

Difficultystrenuous (due to elevation gain over a shorter distance and very rocky terrain)
Round trip:  6.5 km
Hiking Time: 3.5 - 4.5 hrs
Elevation Gain: 595 m
FitBit: approx 13,700 steps and 195 flights of stairs

Marked: No
Facilities: No
How to get there: From Calgary drive west on HWY 1 to Canmore. Get onto the Smith-Dorrien (HWY 742) on which you will pass the Canmore Nordic Centre. At that point you can reset your odometer to 0 and at approximately 11.8 km from there you'll come to an obvious pullout on the right (w) side of the road where you'll park.
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There are no signs to mark your trail so you must walk south on the road about 90 m and go left at a rocky drainage on the east side of the road. Make your way across the rocky terrain approximately 120 m where by heading to your left (N) into the trees just a little bit and out of the drainage, you should find a narrow,  lightly boot beaten path. You should see ribbons in the trees and cairns marking your path as you go. Follow that path for about 15 min and when it appears to divide with a steep ascent on the left and a drop to your right, take the drop of about 1.5 m and head towards the drainage.

At this point your trail may seem to fade in and out and you will have to use your best judgment as to what is the safest way across the rocks. After approximately 30 min from the drop you will come to a point where the gorge narrows. There is a skinny path to bypass this on the right. It's rough and steep and the trees are tight, but it isn't too long. After about a 10 minute climb you will head back left into the drainage. Where again you are to choose your own best path to scramble safely up the rocks. You may see a boot beaten path to follow along the way, but it disappears and reappears as quickly as you can say 'look I think I found the path!'.

Hike almost all the way up the drainage until you see a very obvious path into the trees on your left. Note that there is a false path part way up on the left that also ascends into the bush, but if you start up that way and are asking yourself  'is this right?' because it's so tight in the trees, it's not right. You should be entering the treeline very close to the top and it's a no-brainer with switchbacks the rest of the way up. From there you are golden! Exit the tree line and just over the ridge reach your destination! Enjoy your reward for all your hard work and rest up your legs for the scramble back down.

-It would seem this trail has significant damage from the flood and is not what it used to be. For the majority of the hike the best path to take is not very discernible and impossible to describe in detail and thus you will be left to your own devices to make your way safely across the rocky gorge.
-Good hiking shoes are highly recommended for grip and ankle protection.
-Poles can be beneficial at times, but also a nuisance among the rocks or if you need to use your hands for balance.
-In the spring and early summer the water should be flowing and very refreshing before it dries up completely, but stay away on a hot day as the rocks will only radiate the heat back at you and there isn't much shade.
-This is not a kid friendly nor pet friendly trail.

Happy Hiking!