Five Hikes to Do This Summer

Unsure which hike to try this weekend? Why not give one of these a go. These are some of my favorite hikes, in all levels of effort. Click on one for more details and maybe you'll find one just for you!

1) Grotto Canyon (easy) 
A popular hike, but for good reason. 
Instead of hiking up, you are hiking through the canyon with a variety of sites to see!

2) Fullerton Loop (light)
Some of the best hikes are loops so that you don't ever see the same thing twice!

3) West Wind Pass (light - moderate)
Nothing but views, views, views on this one!

4) Picklejar Lakes (moderate - strenuous) 
Is your favorite snack pickles? Then this one is for you! Joking, but it's still great!

5) Barrier Lake Lookout (strenuous) 
Likely a busy place, but not far from the city. 
There's a lake, there's mountains, it's all worth the climb!