Lake Agnes Tea House - Hike

A popular hike, that with some work leads to a great reward, a beautiful view of Lake Agnes as well as a pit stop at the tea house which is only accessible by hiking to it. 

Difficulty: moderate
Round trip: 7 km
Hiking Time: 2.5 - 3.5 hours 
Elevation Gain: 380 m
FitBit: approx. 11,700 steps and 124 flights of stairs
LocationLake Louise

Marked: Yes
Facilities: Yes
How to get there: From Calgary drive west on Hwy 1 towards Lake Louise. Drive 162km and at Hwy 1A take the exit to go west. The road turns into Lake Louse Dr., continue on it until you reach the Lake Louise parking lot. If it is full, there is a shuttle parking lot down the highway.

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Trail Map

Your trailhead begins at the north end of Lake Louise (as seen in the map above). It is marked by a sign near some garbage bins, but the sign is small. To keep it simple, walk along the path by the lake in front of the chateau, and when the trail splits, keep right. From there just follow the wide trail.

It will be busy on the trail as this is a popular spot (you'll get that indication by the parking lot), but it is beautiful nonetheless. Along the way there is a small lookout over Lake Louise. Another viewpoint spot is at Mirror Lake and that is very nice, but just short ways up now is the final detestation of the tea house and Lake Agnes. Enjoy the views and a cup of tea (cash only) if you so desire!

Kid Friendly: yes
Dog Friendly: yes

-The majority of the hike is in the trees, but it still is warm on a hot sunny day. It then can be cooler and windy at the top, so bring layers. 
-There was still snow in early June, so be prepared for that if you go in the earlier or later months.
-For the tea house website click here.

Happy Hiking!